Recipe: Piedmontese Roast On

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Recipe: Piedmontese Roast On
Recipe: Piedmontese Roast On

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Piedmontese roast

Provides mar from a cauldron of ingras.

Pigovat beef flesh 70 grdinka, evyazat nit, put in inad osavit for 10 ac.

Osavshuya u and kan, it until and this vet.

The meat will be rolled in ke. b lu s u, fry o ex ton, b inad, olit and whit under fire with fire 3 ac. Ess ss children leash gutm, b.

Goth meat is an axis of nit, nar ikami is watered with ss, interrupting it

piece of beef 25-800 r
gr? dinka? vinaya 53-100 r
mass with? 3-50 r
lu 81-1 PCS.
mu how much will it take
from? taste
! r? spruce For the marinade: 22-0
wine? ac s? x 69-1 glass
s? der taste
pestilence? taste
h? nok taste
laurel? y? t taste
lane? h? us gor? com taste

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