Recipe: Roast "Chamois Or Venison" On

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Recipe: Roast "Chamois Or Venison" On
Recipe: Roast "Chamois Or Venison" On
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Roast "Chamois or Venison"

Meat is taken from the years thu or uett, like ice, wash, isit, natte sy, s change, juniper berries, ovy foxes, oy auger, and s css. He will put on a cold day, every day eating Fr. Without meat, wash with a peak, lays on from, cx smeared with mas, cover kuoch sh. Will put zapekats in il retyu x. When about a mustache, you will be able to water the heat with a searing eye every 10 minutes. heat will be goth, poured into ice, y'yeroy ert bu, will save you for 1015 min., t podrmenilos. Fry akoy with about 2 2.5 hours. Ovnos of whom oversized suites: whether or a pigovka in ov o vy okrny (without ice ovi), o ovo. Someone who gets along well here, they move the pulp across the fibers, lays down on it, if it is a cat, cleverly ate a cook. What is something with azlichmi rktmi alat, from one compote from.

chamois meat 62-2 Kg
or deer meat 13-2 Kg
w (w, w) 40-150 r
mass with? 25-100 r
u? u? 99-1.5 l
carnation 18-7 PCS.
lane? h? us hammer? th 18-1 h spoon
laurel? y? t 6-2 PCS.
berries? e taste
from? taste

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