Recipe: Roast "Autumn" On

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Recipe: Roast "Autumn" On
Recipe: Roast "Autumn" On

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Video: Roasted autumn vegetables | Good after Food 2023, February

Hot "autumn"

Grdinka bark fat bar rezier small s. Very raty k, washed tomato nart dol. Knocks as pre, gives veins to the cut. Bulgarian pepper hedgehog chye asi uemena.

small otezhie. In yu u will put r karof, nari ikami, ovlenny raty k, as, Bulgarian pepper, s; The crust lays down the eggplants, eats the greens, puts the cookies, eats the yach, the yach with water ak, so she covers the odes.

She about duov cafe in ech 1 1 / 2-2 ac.

Turn on the heat in the oh posda.

bar 37-150 r
car? of? 3-100 r
a tomato? 1 PCS.
lu r? at? th 52-1 head
eggplant 56-50 r
f? ol? t? u? kova 22-30 r
lane? Bulgarian? cue 68-25 r
from? taste
lane? taste
greens? r? w taste

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