Recipe: Roast Lamb With Mint Sauce On

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Recipe: Roast Lamb With Mint Sauce On
Recipe: Roast Lamb With Mint Sauce On

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Roast lamb with mint sauce

8 servings

Warm up x w to 210 ° C.

1 tonne 4 deep meat. Natete meat mass and c will put on a deep blue for; poured in to.

2 In 1 hour it is burned, after 1 to 15 minutes it is not too hot, and in 1 hour 30 - it is not too hot. Time from e ety about eye blue. Out of x. Put in warm t for 10, just fgoy. b about gravy myatm ouom, on with ova myatm.

3 Gravy. with in de, b ki. ivat on the lab 3 min. munaya mes pret slo-izy oten, t add l and oy oa blue. Prit ivat until it sows. smiling 1 fire, ots. us ss. At the water sar a small ke, wilting with fire, it will boil, sar mercury.

shh, boil 3, do not boil. Filmed, sat sop mints and kss in lice.

Food (for 8 servings)
shank bar 13-1.5 Kg
h? nok 80-4 lobules
olive oil 59-1 Art. the spoon
lane? h? us hammer? th 80-0.5 h. spoons
water 47-165 ml
! p? spruce Gravy 62-0
mu 99-2 Art. spoons
boo? he? r? th 34-500 ml
s? s 40-2 h. spoons
! p? spruce Mint sauce 20-0
water 59-60 ml
s? ar 62-85 r
u? u? malt 6-2 Art. spoons
mint 35-15 r

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