Recipe: Roast With Spices On

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Recipe: Roast With Spices On
Recipe: Roast With Spices On

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Roast with spices

Meat sieves in 2.5 submerged juniper branches, erm c, lavrm t and ladkim s perm. Sitya meat, ery chnok, azry cor sder, pestilence, will put on another 10. Fry both lunar. Vyt from senna pestilence and spruce, ezat will add them to ku. Then add a little eh. The meat is cooked, cooked a vegetable, potash mixed in. 5. The meat is served with sulfur hen, and petuca greens.

gr? dinka fresh 95-1 Kg
berries? e 31-5 twigs
lane? h? us 66-10 pea
laurel? y? t 1-2 PCS.
lane? kr? us sweet 46-1 h spoon
h? nok 51-2 lobules
lu? s 51-4 PCS.
lu-pore 54-1 PCS.
pestilence? 13-3 PCS.
cor? s? der 8-0.5 PCS.
greens? r? w 24-4 Art. spoons
from taste
cor? x? ena 25-2 PCS.
from? taste

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