Recipe: Festive Roast On

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Recipe: Festive Roast On
Recipe: Festive Roast On

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Festive roast

Two s bar (from Thu) to 1 in a mixture of approx. 10 m from and from him. t at 4 m Meat will be natted prt (according to the odimosi evyazat, choby with meat would be rm), a mountain of soda, bazogry mass and it is heated in a single heat x pr tatr 175 ° C, while adding liquid, pouring about an eye. the heat will be goth, poured onto the carpet of mountains, will add sleds with cold karofna krmal, eat, ogre betrays. Sow to whom del. The heat of the pen is taken by the blues with, and will put the osp. Each of them takes off with. On the same door gars, eny srh foli brselku kaput, chain heads, enny together with heat. Relative to enny z karof.

bar (back) 58-2 Kg
h? nok chopped 24-4 r
mountains? itz 7-20 r
mass with? 74-40 r
p? in taste
or major taste
from? taste
lane? cr? us taste
! r? spruce For the sauce: 94-0 sachets
from taste
water 20-100 ml
or boo? he 23-100 ml
cr? small? t? spruce? th 92-115 r
s? s? omat? th sharp 28-20 r

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