Recipe: Roast Lamb Stuffed With Ham On

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Recipe: Roast Lamb Stuffed With Ham On
Recipe: Roast Lamb Stuffed With Ham On

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Roast lamb stuffed with ham

This sophisticated nude is not a goddamn fever, but it's easy to burn. oky with a bar (from the back) to count the fat, oo yapkoy, ice, for eating, t will not smell the meat. From meats, you have to tats pr fmu at. Meat spat syu, c and er olchm es. On the ovlenny plas, there is a meat rno bnku, well, sides, but well, they will tie them up with a hatmazh coy (a very crazy lump!). For years, the number will ruffle from the sun in a yach, zat, spry guyatu, ivat in a yach duovka, while watering the dignity at the same time (it’s easy, it’s not too much). Beginning: vetina (yenaya), wet and ooze fat on the edge of meat. If there is no fat, you can be lo (50), which is crushed with vetin bu. With a spoon, lait to t finely ezanne louu, giving a brownish appearance. Forgive the meat for the vetin boo and tm om, eny lu with the cat, fry the cat, the sprinkled greens rsh and sh sr eggs khosh perat rkoy polueniya one s. You can start with roasting, in 100 g of narkh, roast the loaves.

bar Kg
mas hot 88-100 r
s? ana 49-0.5 glasses
vet? ina 90-150 r
boo 82-50 r
bone fat 71-50 r
lu? s 28-1 PCS.
an egg 26-1 PCS.
pet? u? ka 71-1 h spoon
pounded taste
from? taste
lane? taste

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