Recipe: Wild Pig Roast On

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Recipe: Wild Pig Roast On
Recipe: Wild Pig Roast On
Video: Recipe: Wild Pig Roast On
Video: WILD BOAR Catch n Cook! DAMN LEMON Spit Roast Recipe!!! 2023, February

Roast "Wild Pig"

Meat of wild wasps for 2 3 tbsp. provleniya inada 45 sakans kss with ovy fox, mi, lu and 30 t. eper osh and boil ahom, tdit. The bottom of the peak is with a bit of a pinch, and a little fire will put you on it. podrmyanitya meat, ь 100 buon prit whit. Then add 100 ml of wine, and finally drink wine. sew softly, pulling back.

When some children ovo, they drive him skami, lays down on to polit ss.

For yogots ss polienna from whom oy betrays and a net about 100 vish. For as before and salty co ers, sanny s tt wed, sar, korea, print for 510 min., L uya.

pore? wild baby (meat) 88-1.5 Kg
w (w, w) 93-100 r
pestilence? 66-200 r
cor? pet? u? ki 29-0.5 PCS.
cor? s? der 91-0.5 PCS.
lane? h? us (grains) 99-20 PCS.
laurel? y? t 27-5 PCS.
table wine 67-100 ml
with vish? th 50-0.5 glasses
s? r? er? s 71-1 Art. the spoon
s? ar 62-15 r
kor? a? ah 1-0.5 h. spoons
berries? e 73-30 PCS.
lu r? at? th 6-120 r
u? u? 21-1 l
x callous 97-1 a piece

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