Recipe: Small Lamb Roast On

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Recipe: Small Lamb Roast On
Recipe: Small Lamb Roast On

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Small lamb roast

Microwaveable for 6 servings

Remove from a. Make p diagonal lines for each s.

Warm up the mass in 1 minute, carry it full, maybe, reap the power for another 2 minutes. b k, huar, petuku, y ok, ol lane.

Start with meat, feathers and pigmented chnok. bly wine, b ebr, put down the bar and yy.

Ovit on the power of 5 mines, the slowing down of this shit was 5 tons, 10 tons.

eo emya lity ok mesh mas and yom half of one s.

Grease this mesyu about. b stove for another 5 minutes on the power. A vegetable is served with enna.

Food (for 6 servings)
pulp? bar? me 51-1 Kg
by weight 43-30 r
gr? 41-250 r
lu 43-1 glass
s? x? and? sheep? e 15-1.5 glasses
pet? u? ka 41-0.5 glasses
with lemon 3-1 Art. the spoon
h? nok 32-2 heads
wine 17-150 r
t? yan (? abr ?, bogor? kaya? r) 64-1 Art. the spoon
by weight 74-50 r
s? r 25-50 r
mu ku? r? knowing 56-2 Art. spoons
water 12-2 Art. spoons

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