Recipe: Roast "Sytinskoe" On

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Recipe: Roast "Sytinskoe" On
Recipe: Roast "Sytinskoe" On

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Roast "Sytinskoe"

Roast the meat with a little spice, fill it with a little spice, add some leek, a little more.

Gry, sled, roast for a shower of mass and e heat. At the same time add ezanna crock tomato or omat-r. Per feed to t sleep some greens and krye ukami s.

from 25-1 Kg
cor? s? der 59-1 PCS.
cor? pet? u? ki 41-1 PCS.
pestilence? 70-1 PCS.
lu? s 23-3 PCS.
gr? 71-200 r
a tomato? 25-6 PCS.
or t? -pyu? e 49-3 Art. spoons
fat Art. spoons
mass with? 74-4 Art. spoons
greens? r? w taste
greens? cr taste
from? taste
lane? taste

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