Recipe: Roast Transylvanian. On

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Recipe: Roast Transylvanian. On
Recipe: Roast Transylvanian. On

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Roast Transylvanian

To blame the cornart tse mixed with kosoch. I will conceive kosoch, pulp ott, olat, ch and ut mu. Porionny kook rt s, peraterm s change with a salt pile. sh with a sled re iki. each icer 2 with some skin, and giving the appearance of fucking. Prepare the meat by roasting the world cup on a carpet from azogry fat to sheep. w roast fitr. For and for whom I will use the sial der blue, in the ent or have you, from the side of the aside; groove, not cold. I put a fried ottel on the dish, it’s hot, and it’s hot. I will decorate the blue greens of the petuki. groove kr blue uvayu khy nir: alat s, beloch kaput, gray, new green lane, tomato, consvire rkt, etc.

you? ezka? me 69-109 r
cor with 45-94 r
veal crust 78-121 r
greenery 83-4 r
w (w, w) 39-40 r
mu 80-10 r
fat 34-20 r
mountains? itz 34-10 r
lane? h? us taste
papr taste
from? taste
car? of? fever? th (side dish) 65-150 r

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