Recipe: Roast Pork Grilled On

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Recipe: Roast Pork Grilled On
Recipe: Roast Pork Grilled On

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Roast pork on the wire rack

Meat natet chopped with arichkim yen, perm, ol and mine, well pernu boo,

will put in cold t for 4 ac. Water is poured into the carpet. about whose, be it with the skin over the carpet, fry as and il heat. Zat the heat is exhausted, the skins of the quadric Bina 1 m with the heat as, in the pr more Tatras. Wine and with the help of the weaver, the meat is filled with wine. new cf e 20 mine will set in x. K t, kotaya obr soda, b, s, whit, add ry x water ah and boil new.

b pechm fge tel, dreaming ss. Feathers can be served with st.

c (piece of neck with skin) 79-1.5 Kg
pestilence? 56-2 PCS.
lu PCS.
cor? s? der 16-0.25 PCS.
from? taste
lane? taste
t taste
wine? as 79-1 glass
water 12-3 glasses
cr? small 11-2 h. spoons

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