Recipe: Roast Veal With Olives On

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Recipe: Roast Veal With Olives On
Recipe: Roast Veal With Olives On

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Roast veal with olives

In the snits on the other side of the mouth it was roasted in meat. Behold, why sleep with your cheeks. Close the whites with your labom.

Pork with a mix of 75 wt and 75 green wt with 1 ton spoon of wt.

Add wine from ling guyatu.

you are about one as on someone, changing it to one.

e guyatu thies mass and whit another 20 - 30 tons on low heat.

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Tina 47-1.2 Kg
from 56-100 r
mas? h? us without? t? ek 3-200 r
mas? green pitted 38-200 r
wine 97-150 ml
olive oil taste
from? taste
lane? taste
t? yan (? abr ?, bogor? kaya? r) taste

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