Recipe: Mediterranean Casserole On

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Recipe: Mediterranean Casserole On
Recipe: Mediterranean Casserole On
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Mediterranean casserole

1 hour

For t vegetable casserole with elk and tsh, and eat t tomato and s.

lu? s 65-1 PCS.
eggplant 37-500 r
ts? kkini 45-500 r
olive oil 37-5 Art. spoons
mass with? 56-40 r
a tomato? 42-4 PCS.
from? iodized taste
lane? hammer? th taste
salmon (fillet) 94-600 r
with lemon 95-2 Art. spoons
shredded op taste
chopped basil taste

Like a casserole of Mediterranean elk:

aty to isit, ry chye asi, ezat strips.

Wash eggplants tskkini, go finish, smack kami.

and whit in et mas by adding t 2 s. l. … Heat-soaking operation and.

Sits in the water, cold, white, dalit, flogged, put on and, oval ole and c.

Fillet of wasps prt x other water, whit. Shoot it with your eye and olit, look it out. yi c, op.

Vegetables baked with wasps in x. Electric blower azogr 200 ° C. duovka: eguor position 3 (flowing azogr). BP: about 20 tons.

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