Recipe: Roast Horse Meat Special On

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Recipe: Roast Horse Meat Special On
Recipe: Roast Horse Meat Special On

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Roast special horse meat

Wash the horse meat pulp weighing 500-700 g, remove the tendons, cut into pieces 15 cm long and half a palm wide, rub with salt, pepper, garlic and fry in a skillet or baking sheet that is very hot with fat.

Put the fried meat in a gosper or a deep frying pan, top with chopped onion rings, top the onion with abundant sliced ​​raw potatoes, then add spices, salt, pepper, bay leaf.

Pour the dish with broth or water, close tightly and simmer until tender.

Before serving, the meat must be cut into small pieces, put on an oval dish, spread the potatoes around the edges, and sprinkle with fried onions on top and pour over the juice released during frying.

horse meat (pulp) 500-700 r
salt taste
pepper taste
garlic taste
fat taste
bulb onions taste
raw potatoes taste
spice taste
Bay leaf taste

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