Recipe: Buckwheat Krupenik On

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Recipe: Buckwheat Krupenik On
Recipe: Buckwheat Krupenik On

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Buckwheat krupenik

Retz krpenika lu forgotten in and, and blue eo yen, delicious dosu for a god family jet. Krpenik eo from u, che his ech, millet manna. We eat the needle ama useful var - krpenik grnevoy and tog. grnevy krpenik yen op for s pit, because grka, tog for her.

porridge gr? neva ready 26-360 r
t? og (250 g) 5-1 pack
an egg 94-2 PCS.
s? ar 13-3 h. spoons
s? x? and? s 38-3 h. spoons
s? ana 63-5 Art. spoons
wt t 52-50 h. spoons
or mass with? 44-3 h. spoons

Like a needle at:

Gotu asyatu echu u (eplu or lazhdennu) sat with a thief, will add an egg, s, sar, meth and eat.

with ry rams with on smeared mas and th s schemas from. They will turn around, eating a mixture of dignity eggs baked.

Goty u polit tm scrap porionny cookies. anu sanny ss ss or y at ave feeds.

Crpenik t stele blue, and also boring instead of burns.

the same is provit krpenik millet asyat porridge.

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