Recipe: Pasta Casserole With Broccoli On

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Recipe: Pasta Casserole With Broccoli On
Recipe: Pasta Casserole With Broccoli On

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Video: Easy Cheesy Broccoli Pasta Bake (Gluten Free Option!) 2023, February

Pasta casserole with broccoli

If you are a bit makar, but you are thinking about the iguya, oh, he will be a vegetable for you. On the third level, the vegetable is ingra kovenno yu su okkoli, cf. what makar without ya? and macaw cilantro. ak, ovim itu stu from he br.

makar? thick 7-250 r
kapu? t br 89-1 Kg
from 44-250 ml
egg from? us 84-3 PCS.
cilantro 50-1 bunch
s? r 72-100 r
yellow 79-1 PCS.
with lemon 66-1 Art. the spoon
mas p? t? spruce 83-100 r
s? ana 37-150 r
t? - pass? a 61-2 Art. spoons
a tomato? 18-1 PCS.
lane? h? us hammer? th taste
papr taste
from? taste

Makar otitis media and lit water.

okkoli ire under water 2 tons, and eat make a pué 1/3 I read eggs. Kinzu u perat sera sr and okkoli. ipr ol, change papr.

In op, vyyu omas bu, s uy ony pyue br. Filled with dried up lavas, baked 40 minutes at 180 ° C.

ok with lemon. llo, zat perat with omat pasa sana.

nar bikami sprinkle with skh gotyu with okkoli.

with okkoli makar nar skami served with igotm ouom.

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