Recipe: Chicken Quince Casserole On

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Recipe: Chicken Quince Casserole On
Recipe: Chicken Quince Casserole On

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Quince casserole with chicken

On the carpet from the asitny, look for a small berry.

Quince t, ocht kozhi, bed bikami size 1-2. When kazmaghs and t prachm, drink soda. Perat, poured in a little, just crush on the lab for 10-20 minutes, until it is soft.

Ryu at the very skin of the scythe. They ride with small skies. oo nat, add quits, mayonnaise, ol, pepper perat.

Mix vmu bake, azr xm and yuar.

Baked in x 30-50 min, pr tatr 180 ° C. li ht skom sr zhars, fmu faith yol.

large quince 43-2 PCS.
lu 14-2 PCS.
ku? other? u (1-1.2 kg) 90-3 PCS.
from? 87-1.5 h. spoons
lane? 50-1 h spoon
mayonnaise 90-3 Art. spoons
or half mayonnaise with sour cream 3 Art. spoons
s? x? and? sheep? e h. spoons

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