Recipe: Cabbage Casserole With Salmon On

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Recipe: Cabbage Casserole With Salmon On
Recipe: Cabbage Casserole With Salmon On

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Cabbage casserole with salmon

Losinu olit, spat grbo s change, ahom, mind kr and th 30 min. Lu ocht nar bikami well kaput vyt, ocht, ezat, sat with a load of 15 tons of water. Zat rch pueobr st, add an egg, dignity, look for fine uy, s, lane and dreams op. The programmer will put kaput, leggings, it pue kaput and yi ol with pue. Got in a duovka bath and a temperature of 180 ° C. Laden casserole nu fma verical nar with. Oua province. vyt, obsch, uh, mesh about meth, lock with an eye, ol and c. He puts the casserole on the ar, watered ss, uas ikami and pyim.

Moose 44-250 r
kapu? t c? naya 100-700 r
lu 38-2 PCS.
an egg 95-4 PCS.
protein 53-2 PCS.
s? ana 43-2 Art. spoons
almond 24-100 r
oh? mu? cat? th taste
from? taste
lane? taste
s? ar taste
u? op taste
! r? spruce For the sauce: 53-0
greens (dill, parsley, green onions) 32-2 beam
s? ana 69-200 r
with lemon taste
from? taste
ku? r? taste
lane? taste
lemon dol taste

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