Recipe: Summer Casserole On

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Recipe: Summer Casserole On
Recipe: Summer Casserole On

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Summer casserole

Eggplant port t and e, strait, shower for 30 min. wash and wash the set. Port of tavern krzhoch, ochta y port of them. Very and ezanny lou will put the blank in the carpet with scrap. Additive and Ki, 3-4. podzhare and and il nagr, pomesh. Put the tomato, sow, che gott for another 15-20 minutes. end adding ezanne strips of basil. painful bye is sucked in, sit makare "al e". e, zaprt 1/3 read yogot ss and sh qolicht tt Wed Withdrawn with half of the arh onna products, vera - ties ss, ery sr, em - onny products were lost. Posavye is suitable for up to 200 duovku 10 min. e in op.

makar? 46-300 r
eggplant 49-1 PCS.
zucchini 73-2 PCS.
a tomato? 25-3 PCS.
lu 18-1 PCS.
basil 83-1 bunch
s? r? er? s dry 94-3 Art. spoons
olive oil 89-4 Art. spoons
from? taste
lane? taste

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