Recipe: Belgian Potato Casserole On

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Recipe: Belgian Potato Casserole On
Recipe: Belgian Potato Casserole On

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Video: Fully Loaded Baked Potato Casserole | One Pot Chef 2023, February

Belgian potato casserole

45 minutes

The warmth of the carof is very hot, the chunk is going. Warm up the soda-melted loaf, fry it for 10 minutes, while changing it. olit, pop. Lu ocht, nar will add to the body before a ki. Will put a fry tel su om op. Pay homage to her, Thu Thu sebbler. Wash her set with a crumb. It’s a nice lo, sweat it for me. Vetina go ku and lu-por. Beat an egg with a sleigh, l ol lane, beaten moth asedelit pover karof, spat com. Sveru ski livoch mas. Look duovke ret. Electric blower azogr 220 ° C. duovka: eguor position 5 (flowing azogr). BP: 25-30 t.

car? of? uniform cooked 22-750 r
melted butter 24-75 r
from? taste
lane? freshly ground taste
lu? s 20-1 PCS.
lu-pore 90-1 PCS.
mass with? 11-20 r
boiled vet 71-150 r
s? ana 53-150 r
an egg 69-3 PCS.
t taste
mass with? 33-20 r

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