Recipe: Meat Casserole (Meat Pasteso) On

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Recipe: Meat Casserole (Meat Pasteso) On
Recipe: Meat Casserole (Meat Pasteso) On

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Meat casserole (pasta with meat)

Beef or anh meat prsit chaz orbku finely fry ezanne ratm com. a preyenny yenich mu and a mixture of eso, will separate for th and asat in a tine of 1 m. ty s, an egg, thresh ery ets oro eat two asi. Edvarel Senna Makar Ri Ti Asi. This is covered by the mass of the present ice, one ton is, Thu makar, half of the year, vtu Thu makar, meat fsh, ry chut makar, depleted of the ynu masu, e t cover vty plas is the scrap. b duov cafe pr ​​tatr 230 ° to ovnos. b by separating porion cookies.

meat 94-30 r
lu r? at? th 15-6 r
s? r? cue 31-15 r
an egg 70-0.25 PCS.
wt t 56-10 r
makar? 16-75 r
mu top grade 55-200 r
water 33-50 r
from? taste
lane? h? us taste

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