Recipe: Peach Curd Casserole On

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Recipe: Peach Curd Casserole On
Recipe: Peach Curd Casserole On

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Peach curd casserole

Microwave-safe 4 servings

Periki blanchovat, ocht peels, cut in half u tka. t with m, honey, edr and eye will put in yy posdu, whit 2 min and power. 1 pericar is made. They are yellow from. Yellow rtet with ah of a different sensation.

You eat a thief, you have a liquid, and you will add to the stones, manna krpu, m. lozenge will add proteins to the foam. b asedelit turn the halves with. Check the se ki, y'm mesu yerogo, sar puy kuoch mas. Bake pastry and measure 14 min.

Food (for 4 servings)
lane? ik 64-3 PCS.
wine with? x 39-125 ml
lemon (juice and grated zest) 82-0.5 PCS.
honey Art. spoons
an egg 13-2 PCS.
s? ar 12-50 r
t? og dietary 37-375 r
cr? pa 75-30 r
raisins 13-50 r
almonds (crumb) 30-75 r
poo? ah? ah? naya 21-25 r
mass with? 31-25 r

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