Recipe: Nut Casserole On

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Recipe: Nut Casserole On
Recipe: Nut Casserole On

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Nut casserole

6 servings

Lou smacks and iwait pale 1 t full wear. t foil filling, ye ex, he osh, greens, s eggs, cf. t. Pose, yt right, emeshe. lays down half a day, slanny with a feather, bake it with the included silt with a golden crust. lays down Gotu to do. e fo sa, op greens.

Food (for 6 servings)
with? l nuts - walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews 99-1 glass
f? ol? er? oval 37-1 glass
cr? pa? enich 95-0.5 glasses
olive oil 97-2 Art. spoons
lu r? at? th 95-1 head
pr? ava for casseroles 83-2 h. spoons
greens? r? w chopped 84-4 Art. spoons
an egg 60-2 PCS.
s? r? er? s solid 38-2 Art. spoons
t? -pyu? e 3-0.75 glasses
from? taste

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