Recipe: Rabbit Casserole With Pasta On

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Recipe: Rabbit Casserole With Pasta On
Recipe: Rabbit Casserole With Pasta On

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Video: Pasta Grannies cook fettuccine with rabbit sauce from Ischia 2023, February

Rabbit casserole with pasta

1 hour 10 minutes

Provit makar sno tuii u. Ott, prt x dry water. olat prt x other water, whit. It will remove the vein mows, drive finely. k-alot chnok is wasted and smashed. it a lot of meat in et wt. Add lu, chnok potty. sits the tomato in the water (varied). cold, smiling, gives a stalk. they go with pain. Wash it with mud, giving me a trust at tt thu sebley. Eat a bundle of 1 m each with ami mas k u preheat. och rina tyana wash ossh. small branches and needles. about olit and who. Ypr Ozmar, Tianom, Afan, Ch. Perat with them vy sy om op. Pospat Wed. Electric blower azogr 180 ° C. duovka: eguor position 23 (no roar). Time: 40 minutes

makar? 30-300 r
rabbit meat 72-1 Kg
lu? s 96-3 PCS.
h? nok 35-2 clove
olive oil 55-3 Art. spoons
a tomato? bush 86-6 PCS.
s? der 76-1 PCS.
mas? 11-80 r
p? in 14-3 twigs
t? yan (? abr ?, bogor? kaya? r) 61-3 twigs
w? r taste
from? taste
lane? hammer? th taste
h seasoning taste
s? r? er? s Greyarzer 6-80 r

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