Recipe: Bread Pudding On

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Recipe: Bread Pudding On
Recipe: Bread Pudding On

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Bread pudding

Recipe photo: Bread pudding
Recipe photo: Bread pudding

ZNAIKA 07/14/14

Breads pu gots from iks of burnt lobe, mochh milk, krkoobr pesnogo esa.

Oats lop of household igot (gerles) 1/3 sakana
lo livoch, oh (r kuoch) - 45 (3 s. l.)
kwa uenaya 1/3 sakana
m isy - 0.25 sakana
- 1 t
Ciders (lush neftovanny) - 1 t
Sah bely - 0.5 sakana
We are now 1 s. l.
its hammer - 1.25. l.
- 0.75 h.
Eggs of krpna (with whisk) 4 pcs.
Mas rtel
Burnt bread (crust) - 8 iks (50 g)
ka 6 s. l.
ex grkie (ye) 1/3 sakana
ar ichy - 0.25 t

1. Cider t to in a dish. Ivat with up to 2/3 t, in every 4 t. Spat in from the club and m, nyat s s, y, t, 10 t.

2. mis s, sary, us etact, ½ secret bark, ½ secret with and a, b.

3. Rasitny mass, I will have a square fmu size about 2222. On the fma I put half of the slice in one layer. b the eggs of the masa, 1 minute. lays down on the forehead. Sweru lays down a deserted lobe, then the eggs are masoy. y oo and t hnik night.

4. V sh mis sat osavshuya itz and ol, ku, yany hya, etsor and ichy ah. Vyh eu with a small lathe with a fork rkami arr odnor krkoobr masy. will put in olodil on b.

5.whose x for a single roar 180 grs.

6. Dosat from olodil fmu x and okshaznu sm. y o shazny tt x in op. Places fmu retyu x and ovit prno 1 ac, golden tsa. oats are poured out from x and t and noisy t 5. Zatnitsmi skami serve sazu.

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