Recipe: Apple Casserole On

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Recipe: Apple Casserole On
Recipe: Apple Casserole On

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Video: EASY Baked Apples Recipe 2023, February

Apple casserole

Apples come from y, whose weaver is sat with mom, om, mok, am sar. Iz, sar and ki igot quit. mu mazat mas and e ne, erya, quit poliennu masu. pekat v x shu halfas. Yellow rtet with ah, borrowing asir, boil the milk with vanillin (with kami and t lush water). Sow come to seniya, not it. Served together with a casserole.

an Apple 55-6 PCS.
raisins 9-0.5 glasses
with lemon 10-1 h spoon
an egg 44-5 PCS.
s? ar 88-1 Art. the spoon
! r? spruce For the sauce: 24-0
egg yolks 58-2 PCS.
s? ar 85-3 Art. spoons
milk 17-2 glasses
vanilla taste
! p? spruce For biscuit: 60-0
an egg 60-3 PCS.
s? ar 74-0.5 glasses
mu 52-0.5 glasses

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