Recipe: Marinated Roast On

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Recipe: Marinated Roast On
Recipe: Marinated Roast On

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Marinated roast

Lou nar ukami varied 5 t t with min, ol, sar, lavrm t, zat poured uy, sucked, ooze in cold t mar 7. Meat sweat is extracted from inad, and you can piggy, oiled with olives or livochm scrap roast duovke gotta by adding inad water.

something like that, nary ikami, let's start tvat flooded from t heat.

So it is possible to change the bar (hips without t). It is harvested March 3-4, first fried with a chnok (I cut it into small pieces).

pulp? beef 99-1 Kg
! r? spruce For the marinade: 7-0
water 45-2 glasses
u? u? 9% 36-0.5 glasses
dry wine 17-0.5 glasses
lu 78-2 PCS.
lane? taste
from? taste
s? ar taste
laurel? y? t 69-1 PCS.
t 98-1 Art. the spoon
carnation 83-3 PCS.

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