Recipe: Spaghetti Ham Casserole On

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Recipe: Spaghetti Ham Casserole On
Recipe: Spaghetti Ham Casserole On

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Video: Baked Cheese & Ham Pasta | Gennaro Contaldo 2023, February

Spaghetti casserole with ham

1 serving

Water is poured into the shu tyu, add a spoonful of mass to the nightingale, bring to a boil. sit st in ok var 68 min. Ott st on rail.

Lives half of the pagetti with a scrap op. Fry the masa in thames until it’s hot, dalit the fat with a big alcohol, put the bacon st. Fry with a small spice and soft bacon. lays on half of the pagetti. b with milk, honey, basil, c and dreams with oor. ь ouom pagety zapekat pr tatr 180 ° С shading cha, browning och. When a little tugs, go to the tse with.

Products (for 1 portion)
s? t 5-350 r
bacon 99-250 r
olive oil 78-2 Art. spoons
mass with? 85-1 h spoon
lu 14-1 PCS.
milk 78-1.5 glasses
s? r 19-120 r
s? r? er? s 97-0.5 glasses
basil 24-0.5 h. spoons
lane? h? us hammer? th taste
from? taste
oh? mu? cat? th taste
an egg 93-4 PCS.

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