Recipe: Spicy Pasta Casserole On

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Recipe: Spicy Pasta Casserole On
Recipe: Spicy Pasta Casserole On

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Spicy pasta casserole

50 minutes

Makar otitis media in reindeer, Ott on the rail, well olodnaya and sich. The tomato is boiling for a short time, doused with water, gives skin and wood, eats ku. Lou almost nary ukami.ts cut in half, dalit ski white strips, rno go a slice. Basil, whit, weathered sebla, nar (if it is used for friction) are made. Th lo, whit in le to lane, add s, lane and abas. Estimate and pour eggs, add with, lane, makar, tomato, lu, lane, vyme month in the smeared dreams mas plosyu or for, flooded with whipped sans and sprinkles with steam. Check ski livoch Fore will put a duovka on the eshka. рх ret up to 180. Gas х: rlyat in 2-3 (flowing gas). Time: about 25 tons. Food is served on tons, casserole with weaving.

makar? tubules 55-400 r
salted water 40-1 l
a tomato? fleshy 66-2 PCS.
lu? s 82-1 PCS.
lane? cr? us 83-1 PCS.
lane? green 69-1 PCS.
basil 30-1 bunch
mass with? 17-20 r
an egg 35-2 PCS.
from? taste
freshly ground feather taste
with? with tabasco taste
s? ana 43-150 r
with whipped? e 81-200 ml
oh? mu? kat? th grated taste
c? r? mezan grated 30-60 r
mass with? 95-30 r

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