Recipe: Rice And Vegetable Casserole On

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Recipe: Rice And Vegetable Casserole On
Recipe: Rice And Vegetable Casserole On

Video: Recipe: Rice And Vegetable Casserole On

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Video: Cheesy Vegetable and Rice Casserole | चीजी व्हेजीटेबल एन्ड राइस कैसिरोल |Baked Recipe |Gourmet Rasoi 2023, January

Casserole with rice and vegetables

1 hour 30 minutes

Put the headlight in, bring it to a boil. it until I am not a parse. Water olit, etc. Rice is cooked until cooked. Wash, divide it in half, give the stalk. drive a slice. U u and obr xsh. Vegetables are eaten and eaten. The vegetable is varied for 3 minutes in a deer. Douse x with water. b sec. Wash the greens, oh, oh, beat the cha with the sebe. Lu smack. eat rum. and crushes the chnok. anu, ol, ets chnok meat. Will add these to the taste. ь om op. Expand by loyi is, ar and and. rina nyat with och, sprinkle with needles. Perat milk, and wed, b ole ln and b. Baked in h. Electric duovka azogr 200 C. duovka: eguor position 3 (inflow azogr). BP: about 50 t.

f? w 9-500 r
water l
from? 97-1 h spoon
R? long grain 58-250 r
a tomato? PCS.
ts? kkini 59-4 PCS.
eggplant 20-2 PCS.
u? op 79-1 bunch
pet? u? ka? u? aya 24-1 bunch
lou shnitt 29-1 bunch
melis? and 48-1 bunch
h? nok 50-2 clove
s? ana with herbs 55-125 r
lane? white hammer taste
p? in 52-1 twig
milk 89-250 ml
an egg 75-3 PCS.
c? r? mezan grated 64-2 Art. spoons

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