Recipe: Pasha Bread Casserole On

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Recipe: Pasha Bread Casserole On
Recipe: Pasha Bread Casserole On

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Bread casserole "Pasha"

A slice of white lobe is easy in h.

Whipped tog with lives, raisins and the sweet sensation. Use 4 cuch and 4 skami.

Believe it or not, milk and milk. tnoe sat with ah krmal odnort and b boiling milk, wedding. Again, t to, sazu nat with and mash the eggs.

For the sake of pouring scrap, lays down se ics of the leba flooded with it us ss.

Vyh duovke, azogroy 200 gr.

x are white 77-8 pieces
t? og 7-250 r
from 75-0.125 l
honey 66-1 Art. the spoon
raisins 97-80 r
with lemon taste
milk 47-0.5 l
vanilla (stick) 11-0.5 PCS.
s? ar 37-120 r
cr? small 3-20 r
yellow 41-3 PCS.
from 70-4 Art. spoons
mass for mold lubrication how much will it take

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