Recipe: Sauerkraut Potato Casserole On

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Recipe: Sauerkraut Potato Casserole On
Recipe: Sauerkraut Potato Casserole On

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Potato casserole with sauerkraut

2 servings

Karof ochte otitis media in deer with to t, re with milk wt. The son is stretching a port on a cloth with a long, crumbly bone. to the desks boiling with water, re krpnoe er. The apple and the hedgehog are licked with pricks. yenu kaput shallow hedgehog potter mast to t. dr re warmed up and meshe carof.

In side covor rate mas, yel tel pue, eat uenu kaput, apple, s, lu and rsh, s s karof and si. Wash the casserole with its verm. tt vlou tya duovoy cafe 25-30, until we were full of ass and covered with red och. Serve an ovu casserole next to the herbs. Relative yach milk buon.

Food (for 2 servings)
car? of? 81-400 r
kapu? t kvash 98-0.5 Kg
s? r 68-150 r
lu 50-100 r
an Apple 37-100 r
boo? he 17-1 glass
mass with? 74-50 r
dr 42-10 r
greens? r? w taste
from? taste

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