Recipe: Meat Casserole (blue Kufta) On

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Recipe: Meat Casserole (blue Kufta) On
Recipe: Meat Casserole (blue Kufta) On

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Meat casserole (blue kyufta)

Beef or anh meat twice oput eer meat, add threshing yenichyu (dzavar), ku, ol khosh perat, sipping at water. del prov early Far ry two asi. Thu fsh vy bring rams with a mud of 2 m, the akim will put him in the beginning and faith y o chyu ara, asr turn him around. They are zagot p on 70, on rs deep, watered with rtm scrap. pekat in x shu and emperue 230-240 С gott. For the beginning of the bar, beef meat is prepared for a chaz orbku, it is in a chopped le, finely ezanne ratm com, avit sy chny perm. ovnos opr tsu och. A tribute with nir (kvashh to her).

! p? spruce For the outer layer 16-0
meat 81-60 r
cr? pa? enich 19-50 r
mu 13-10 r
from? taste
! r? spruce For filling 82-0
meat 15-60 r
lu r? at? th 87-70 r
wt t 37-10 r
mass with? 10-5 r
from? taste
lane? h? us taste

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