Recipe: Sicilian Casserole On

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Recipe: Sicilian Casserole On
Recipe: Sicilian Casserole On
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Sicilian casserole

Back the eggplants, e, hedgehogs, e shower, spiked oli osavier was measured at 20. Meanwhile, pour the tomato into a scoop of boiling water, nye, dalit the skins,,, the pulp is big hedgehog. isit lu, pre, us, nart. Wash basil, whit set and hedgehog. soda extra virgin olive (3 s. spoons) whitewash, giving a blush. Add the pulp of the tomato, sow it. Gott ss and measure nagr, time from evannaya. Pret eggplant, extra chu set and e (several tk r) in the carpet with iprny cover, with with mas, t, so that it will blush with rub. Vye buu alpha. fmu lays down in the middle, flies with a small amount of ytm oua, yt ttm yom, oyt with a few ikami. Ode to it, it is from eggplant tt Wed. Pour water over the mountain. A ram turn around, close a hot casserole and one lab eve measure 40-50 minutes. e the egg in the th post, which is ovilos.

r? sh makar? 60-350 r
eggplant 29-2 PCS.
a tomato? 27-600 r
lu 24-2 PCS.
basil 4-1 twig
s? r? er? s 62-100 r
olive oil 51-4 Art. spoons
from? taste
lane? taste

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