Recipe: Citrus Casserole On

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Recipe: Citrus Casserole On
Recipe: Citrus Casserole On

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Citrus casserole

45 minutes

Peel citrus fruits, divide into slices, remove white streaks. Mix citrus fruits with lemon and orange candied fruits and colored sugar. Place the sponge cake in a greased flat casserole dish. Brush with orange liqueur, spread out the wedges and candied fruits. Mix protein with wine or cider, add sugar. Beat in a hot water bath until the foamy mass thickens. Pour the resulting mass into the fruit. Place the form on the wire rack in the oven, let the casserole lightly brown. Preheat the electric oven to 200 "C. Gas oven: regulator in position 3-4 (without preheating). Time: 10-15 minutes. Turn on the grill for a while. In the meantime, make marzipan leaves. Decorate the casserole with them, sprinkle with sugar.

orange 4 PCS.
mandarin 4 PCS.
grapefruit 4 PCS.
lemon 1 PCS.
candied lemon 1 Art. the spoon
candied orange 1 Art. the spoon
colored sugar, fine 4-5 Art. spoons
biscuit cake 200 r
orange liqueur 40 ml
egg white 4 PCS.
white wine 200 ml
sugar taste
marzipan mass taste
powdered sugar taste

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