Recipe: Meat Casserole With Kiev Sauce On

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Recipe: Meat Casserole With Kiev Sauce On
Recipe: Meat Casserole With Kiev Sauce On

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Meat casserole with Kiev-style sauce

Well cold beef, ossh, eat krpny ku, put it on roasted roast. In summer, sprinkle a hammer and lays down in the pores. and wash and wash. weave ezat ku, vyt soda retm mallem marin fry, crushed lu. Roast and bitter for y, bar for grm ouom, faith for crock tomato and yu. Shki but ykami, bake the load on the lab in 30-40 minutes. Carrying out an ibnogo owa: if you wash, it is in cold weather for 2-3 as, but in the same place, pull out the shmovy, go, and eh preit. Then fry the soda with retm mallem, very good and whose c. The axis is easy with the soda, the weight of the oil timing, rtet, so that it would be a lump, bring the boil to the boil. In yach ss Iby lu, dignity, ol, y per and it is 3-5 minutes, after which the compressible shears are filled.

pulp? beef 44-450 r
car? of? 35-12 PCS.
lu? s 33-3 PCS.
a tomato? 33-2 PCS.
from? 5-3 Art. spoons
or mar? in 27-3 Art. spoons
chopped greens? r? w 26-1 Art. the spoon
greens? cr chopped 8-1 Art. the spoon
lane? h? us hammer? th 40-0.3 h. spoons
from? taste
! r? spruce For mushroom sauce: 57-0
gr? s? w? e 59-60 r
boo? he? ibnoy 63-1 glass
s? ana 40-0.5 glasses
lu? s 42-1 PCS.
from? 78-1 Art. the spoon
or mar? in 2-1 Art. the spoon
mu 77-2 Art. spoons
lane? h? us hammer? th 13-0.3 h. spoons
from? taste

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