Recipe: Casserole With Vegetables And Horns On

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Recipe: Casserole With Vegetables And Horns On
Recipe: Casserole With Vegetables And Horns On

Video: Recipe: Casserole With Vegetables And Horns On

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Video: Creamy Vegetable Casserole Recipe - Easy Casserole Recipe 2023, February

Casserole with vegetables and horns

1 hour

Horns varied hosh under water voiced insrkts on the package. b cold and b sec. The feathers will be divided into halves. b, s and y. Wash feathers with dicks. wph mountain ride veruks. Isit lu and eu and beat. Pepper cut to Thu. Will remove s and y. Smack the chunk. Tomatoes fall into the water, cold and yarn peels. It will remove the stalk and separate it into one and the other. Warm up the stuff. and (pecking at a tomato) a little otsh. l, put it on. Naqrt krsh and uit for another 5 minutes. Will add peper and s, e az avit and wait another 2 minutes.

perat with greens. Look this oh oh. Mozar and ski la acedelite. Baked in h. Electric oven azogr 180-200. Gas x: rlyat at 3 (no roar). Date: 1520 min.

R 47-300 r
lane? cr? us 24-1 PCS.
lane? green 46-1 PCS.
ts? kkini green 98-1 PCS.
ts? kkini yellow 31-1 PCS.
gor? ek? th sweet 82-80 r
from? taste
h? nok 50-1 tooth
peper green 88-1 PCS.
a tomato? 12-300 r
olive oil 18-3 Art. spoons
boo he noy 41-125 ml
lane? white hammer taste
chopped greens 60-2 Art. spoons
s? r? ar 27-250 r
mass with? 74-50 r
lu? s 86-1 PCS.
pet? u? ka? u? th chopped 95-1 Art. the spoon

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