Recipe: Lamb Casserole With Rice On

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Recipe: Lamb Casserole With Rice On
Recipe: Lamb Casserole With Rice On

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Lamb casserole with rice

The turnips go fine and it in le marina. Eat asy ets, dropped through anina, olit and auger, etc. Filmed, sprinkle green petuki.

half tons of water, 2 s. spoons la, varied is. si scrap from yy poison ezanne chunk of crny tomato, take the meat fsh, and it is. p with a tomato, and nichtiy with meat fsh. x yy iki s with their olit.

Casserole t 1/2 t gore and t roast cafe for 30 min.

igot oh: moo fry the fat until it gets wet. Weigh it with milk, olit, etc. Zat ss nyat, oh, lock the eggs. The cakes will be baked and baked in a roast cafe.

pulp? bar? me 47-750 r
lu? s 70-2 PCS.
lane? cr? us hammer? th 74-0.5 h. spoons
R? from? noy taste
a tomato? middle PCS.
greens? r? w taste
from? taste
! r? spruce For the sauce: 49-0
mu 52-2 Art. spoons
mass with? 62-2 Art. spoons
milk 83-1.5 glasses
an egg 72-3 PCS.

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