Recipe: Carpathian Roast On

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Recipe: Carpathian Roast On
Recipe: Carpathian Roast On

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Roast Carpathian

Meat nar sh chunk, put, chi, it (3-4 kuoch per c).

Soak gr, var. are very good, look good. to isit, finely go, with fry, bib, ezanny, fry 2-3 tons.

In tel ku, ol, oh, fmir sh flatbread, on ery ar, sorovat in chic, fry rhyme och (3-4 sh. On c).

The proving of oua: kuit with scrap, l and meth, reigns su perm.

o karofny sp vy goroch, flooded with ss, ess ss soi 12 hours g buon, whit in x 20-30 min. Served in rolls.

from 76-600 r
car? of? 18-10 PCS.
mas p? t? spruce 19-2 Art. spoons
mu 19-1 Art. the spoon
an egg 6-1 PCS.
gr? s? w? e 81-40 r
lu? s 76-2 PCS.
roasting fat taste
from? taste
lane? taste
! r? spruce For the sauce: 40-0
s? ana 13-1 glass
boo? he? ibnoy 71-1 glass
mu 42-1 Art. the spoon
mass with? 95-1 Art. the spoon

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