Recipe: Original Casserole On

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Recipe: Original Casserole On
Recipe: Original Casserole On

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Casserole "Original"

2 servings

In boil water with water, after the orp prs below, then beat the egg, after all, eat it. We eat smeared tm scrap from waste and schemas.

Igotiu ennu masu rams with vie bake in x tatr 260 ° С arr gold crust. yogotyu this is obligatory to nimat with from n shu ar - azrt casserole several times t arr, rt its nesky arches, e salt, edvarl watering ichkoe t fuovy ss or abrovy brew.

ebere eno pre. The overwhelmed sleepiness with subsupply and it in ech 10 min. le th psh bu “goth, behold, then add ah and e yach with milk. squeezing it in slow in diluted milk and lettuce.

Food (for 2 servings)
psh 33-200 r
an egg 67-1 PCS.
wt t 70-15 r
ku? aha 3-15 r
s? ar 33-10 r
s? x? and? e 53-5 r
s? ana 81-5 r

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