Recipe: Cereal Casseroles On

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Recipe: Cereal Casseroles On
Recipe: Cereal Casseroles On

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Cereal casseroles

Casseroles of igott with wheat and ramola.

For well provit gutyu, yu u. and kat kash for 1 ton of ice crust taken 3 sakan or.

Got porridge baked soda, yue edvarel need mazat wt. The bottom of the soda crust is iced with sham tena, and the casserole has melted. I need to put on the carpet of kasr, yi olchmi uar, watered with mas and b duov cafe at 15-20. before the formation at the crust.

eggs can be bred (melange) osh eggs (1 teaspoon of osh p 1 egg).

psh 29-1 glass
or p? 68-1 glass
or cr? pa 51-1 glass
milk 8-3 glasses
or water 8-3 glasses
by weight how much will it take
s? x? and? olch? e how much will it take
fresh egg how much will it take
or canned melange how much will it take
or pore? ok egg how much will it take

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