Recipe: Zrazy With Mushrooms On

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Recipe: Zrazy With Mushrooms On
Recipe: Zrazy With Mushrooms On
Video: Recipe: Zrazy With Mushrooms On
Video: Картофельные зразы с грибами / Potato zrazy with mushrooms 2023, February

Zrazy with mushrooms


Zr from foot ara smi ibami, igote mikr.

f? w? noy 49-400 r
egg from? us 33-2 PCS.
lu 5-2 PCS.
x white soaked 83-30 r
milk how much will it take
from? taste
pr? t taste
s? x? and? sheep? e 22-0.5 glasses
gr? s? e 93-200 r
cor? pet? u? ki 55-1 PCS.
pestilence? 51-1 PCS.
an egg 45-1 PCS.
mas p? t? spruce 99-2 Art. spoons
t? -pyu? e 66-2 Art. spoons

Will add to the fly with from the leg ara narbleny krte a, k, azmoch leb kor, milk, ol, yanosi.

Cats are swarming, burgundy and made from flatbread.

Provit beginning of deer gr. For t gr prt, nar kuoch. Add our rsh and kov, yoe o, omat-r, panirny skh rtel mas. Perate and mikryu b 3 minutes and power. Yes nach will turn out to be satisfactory soy, euar.

On yu ku fsh vy inku sor the basics of gr. It will put them in the bottom to get the basics of gr in a wave and power in 10-12 minutes.

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