Recipe: Tsepelinai (potato Zrazy) On

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Recipe: Tsepelinai (potato Zrazy) On
Recipe: Tsepelinai (potato Zrazy) On
Video: Recipe: Tsepelinai (potato Zrazy) On
Video: Картофельные котлеты с грибной начинкой (Зразы) Рецепт - Картофельные зразы с грибами 2023, February

Tsepelinai (potato zrazy)

Raw potatoes are peeled, grated and squeezed. The rest of the potatoes are boiled in a "uniform", peeled and wiped. Combine raw and boiled potatoes, salt and mix. The resulting mass is cut into round cups, minced meat is placed inside them, then balls are formed and boiled in salted water for 20-25 minutes. The dish is served with pork rinds and fried onions.

raw potatoes 240 r
Boiled potatoes 55 r
salt taste
For minced meat:
meat 60 r
pork fat five r
bulb onions ten r
water five r
pepper taste
salt taste

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