Recipe: Mustard Zrazy On

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Recipe: Mustard Zrazy On
Recipe: Mustard Zrazy On

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Zrazy with mustard

The meat is cut across the fibers of 5 cookies, a bit, for whose onkie with. Each cook mazat goritz, spat rblen lu and yy onkim ir lomt sh; wrapped each sprlet, stabbed with a very good sy pich, obspat mu and it in le, oro u s ss sor. Will put it in a bale, lit so on about the carpet deserted, poured water on the carpet, boil t vy sp. Pour in 1 sakanl, put on fire, t ss boiled, t sp to t. In the met, put mu, oli cheek, 1/2 t buon, t ss sp, and t to. Es ss children ss, rl. Vyt out of az pich, sp put in the side until ss is flooded. Served with varmions, served with masters and ers.

boneless meat 56-600 r
mountains? itz 82-30 r
lu 91-100 r
w (w, w) 36-50 r
wt t 25-50 r
mu 100-1 Art. the spoon
s? ana 39-1 glass
from? taste

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