Recipe: Filled Cutlets (Zrazy) On

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Recipe: Filled Cutlets (Zrazy) On
Recipe: Filled Cutlets (Zrazy) On

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Filled cutlets (zrazy)

In a tyrt gar, put finely ezanne lu and ose esh, roast. Zat will put half of the ara, his isseniya and nimit. Add fsh ol, eriy ets, min, olchiy eikiy ex, shm finely ezanne petuku. yo oro it. In the del posde, the drill site will be washed with the second fsh, pose, ery krny per, re about hosh cross. whether with liquid, leith. From ara, mesh with a liar, rvait kuoch - great s ets or, pokate rkah, do shiki, e pre, t polilis t lepesh, in ent ts serku. it kuoch fsh from howl fsh with ex and e flatbread, zasche s var. When it’s old, it’s casrle water., then puts tda years on 5 t. those at. Pert as a salt, e mas to an ozovy vet and lay on de.

f? w? noy 3-750 r
psh? and finely ground - bulgur 68-1.5 glasses
an egg 86-1 PCS.
oh? pounded gr? cue (coffee cup) 54-0.5 cups
oh? sosonovy ("cham fystyka") 41-1 Art. the spoon
wines dried "kush raisins" 54-1 Art. the spoon
lu 74-3 heads
mar? in 56-1 Art. the spoon
mass lean 18-1 glass
from? 34-1 h spoon
lane? h? us 46-1 h spoon
t 23-1 h spoon
lane? cr? us 67-0.5 h. spoons
pet? u? ka 91-1 bunch

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