Recipe: Warsaw Zrazy On

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Recipe: Warsaw Zrazy On
Recipe: Warsaw Zrazy On
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Video: Domowy Przepis na zrazy wołowe, Jak zrobić zrazy z boczkiem, cebulą i ogórkiem 2023, February

Zrazy in Warsaw

Peel the rump or rump of beef from the films and cut obliquely across the fibers into 6 wide slices. Beat off each slice well with a damp hoe. Mix peeled, finely chopped onions with butter, ground breadcrumbs, sprinkle with salt and pepper and beat until smooth. Grease the prepared chunks of meat with this mass, roll up with a tube, salt, breaded in flour, chop with a wooden hairpin or tie with twine and fry in hot fat on all sides in a wide saucepan. Then pour hot water and simmer with the lid closed for 1.5 hours. At the end of the sauté add the white sauce and cook until tender. When serving, remove the hairpins or twine, pour over the sauce in which the zrazy was stewed. For garnish - barley or buckwheat porridge.

beef 900 r
margarine 70 r
wheat flour 40 r
ground crackers 70 r
butter thirty r
bulb onions 70 r
pepper taste
salt taste
greenery taste

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