Recipe: Seafood Salad On

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Recipe: Seafood Salad On
Recipe: Seafood Salad On

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Seafood salad

Recipe Photo: Seafood Salad
Recipe Photo: Seafood Salad

4 servings of Milania 02/10/11

Moroduv Salad Always the times are tender and you can see a lot about x voisvah. lush is not it about, but trample on the needle.

Food (for 4 servings)
Ches (crushed) - 2 lobes
The juice of one
Olive oil - 4 tons
Lit with petuki (ye) - 2 tons
Carrot eil var (krki, kola mar, octopus) - 600
Per Bulgarian (ezanne strip and enna) - 1 sh.
Ere kosoch olives - NIS 12
Fresh (blended) - 2 sec. l.
and ery y per

Like a igot alat moroduov:

1.small ke meesh es, lemons, olive lo, rsh, s and ec.

2. eprkt vyt snits. Zat will add a lane, olives and a nightmare. osh perat. Osavit s from eprkt in oh me 30 minutes.

3. Per feeds with from eprct still r perat and y.

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