Recipe: Squid In Wine On

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Recipe: Squid In Wine On
Recipe: Squid In Wine On

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Video: SQUIDS WITH RED WINE 2023, February

Squid in wine

For bit moroduov - marsh wine tomato, chnokom greens. Serve kalya wine with lemon and lin.

meat kal? a 50-750 r
wine? u? oh white 98-125 ml
a tomato? fleshy 90-3 PCS.
from? 98-3 h. spoons
greens? r? w 6-1 bunch
h? nok 90-3 lobules
olive oil 93-0.5 glasses
with lemon 19-1 Art. the spoon
lane? white hammer taste
mas? taste

How to igot mar in:

The kalyas are washed over the syu, they eat them kami.

Tomato si, ezat, whose chnok.

it kalya olive le, b nim, tomato, chnok, naryu rsh and it under yky soft.

ypr mar in wine c and m okom, crete wt.

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