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Recipe: Fish & Seafood Paella (Economical) On
Recipe: Fish & Seafood Paella (Economical) On
Video: Recipe: Fish & Seafood Paella (Economical) On
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Paella with fish and seafood (economical)

Recipe Photo: Paella with fish and seafood (economical)
Recipe Photo: Paella with fish and seafood (economical)

Tory_kitchen 08/15/15

Och me avitya t sought for, unfortunately, not on his Mediterranean self, provit paeyu pledged prkt not edsavlyaeta m not kazyya on t they will eat! Therefore, we provide konomicy iant l - from ex oduov, ore tpny our stores.

Moroduy zhenny (carrot eil) - 250
Fillet s (I ala ai) - 250
Fas srh - 200 g
ets s - 100 g
s vezhie - 250
Una rice - 3 sakanas
nok - 2 bch
Woe wine - 100
Buon (th, ry) - 5.5 t
Petuka running at - 2 p. spoons
p - 1 cheek
ica ac cx - 0.5 tsp.
Salt to taste
ets yery y - by s
Butter - for ki

We have gotten closer to our terms and conditions.

1. On a carpet with an ols bottom, a rtel mask for ki (ideally). When lo azogrs, we make soda, silt and eprkt. The heat is good 2 tons, so that it is put. Then I'll take the moroduy, ok t to the carpet.

2. In the lo with from the EPRKT we take out the Bulgarian pepper strips, add it softly and add it, very much from the tomato. Tuim e slow 10 mines, rlyar pomesh.

3. Then, as you change it, grind sits, spoons as with papr and at epot shr (eo oil finger for igot paei).

4. l can be 3 t krglozerra, spruce not t. Wash out, t do not wash it l, or prt it l tcht (viscous). As for our moroduy we add fertilizer foil. Sun rbny buon, cx wine, emesh (we permeate only tko r, so that we do not mix odes, w in otss got not azmesh it). they had 10 mines on the fire.

5. we will provide the avka paei, as kazat her icy quiet.

rsh together with rbim (iszovala for t c), this omat right and y our paeyu presvii 10 t.

6. t it on the fire e 8 t, peck it, cover it with yoy and give it “take it off. By the same token, on t and k t s px.

iat appetite! yt s and voih!

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